School Books

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Wendy Quill front coverWendy Quill is a Crocodile’s Bottom

by Wendy Meddour and Mina May

All Wendy Quill wants is to be a little bit famous! But a career as a crocodile’s bottom (in Peter Pan) and a tap-dancing munchkin really wasn’t what she planned! Three hilarious stories in one book with fantastic drawings by Mina May, aged 11

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ladybird coverMinnie Piper: The Ladybird Code

by Caroline Juskus

If you like parties, secrets and ladybirds this could be the spottylicious book for you! Minnie Piper is back and planning her best birthday ever when a string of riddles sets her off on a birthday treasure hunt.  

Contains real riddles and Morse Code.

A Sunday Times recommended read.

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choc_cypher_coverMinnie Piper: The Chocolate Cipher

by Caroline Juskus


The fabaroony Minnie Piper is on her toughest challenge yet – to solve Cleopatra’s Chocolate Cipher and win a year’s supply of chocolates! But disaster strikes when Wanda Wellingtons, is dognapped. Will Minnie ever see her dog again?

Contains hieroglyphics and puzzles so get cracking!

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Amy GreenAsk Amy Green: Boy Trouble

by Sarah Webb

Ask Amy Green – any problem solved!

When Amy’s crazy aunt Clover lands her dream job as agony aunt on teen mag The Goss, Amy quickly realises that this will be no ordinary column. Clover wants to solve the problems in person and she needs a real teenager to help her – Amy!
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Sand DancersSand Dancers: Let the Dance Begin

by Lynda Waterhouse

The Sandringham Dance School has been closed since the night of the Great Sandstorm seven years ago. But now the sands have shifted and all the sand sprites are excited that it is reopening. Cassie is desperate to get a place. She is sure that Sandringham can reveal the truth behind the disappearance of her mother- the prima dune dancer who vanished the same night the school was closed… As Cassie investigates , she finds herself dancing in a whirl of jealously, friendship and heart-wrenching secrets.

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by Simon Packham

Chris loses the power of speech completely when his best friend dies in a car crash.
Why? What terrible secret is he hiding? And can he find his voice before it’s too late?
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