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Red Moon final

Red Moon Rising (previously Faerie Tribes: The Crystal Mirror)

by Paula Harrison

Laney thinks she’s just an ordinary girl but from the moment she sees a blood-red moon, everything changes. She discovers she’s a member of the Mist Tribe, and her Awakening has set off a chain of events that are dangerous and magical.

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YOUNG_KNIGHTS_ROUND_TABLE_CVR_APR13-1Young Knights of the Round Table

by Julia Golding

Snatched from their cradles by faerie thieves, Rick, Roxy, and Tiago have been brainwashed to hate humans and trained in the art of magical warfare. When Avalon is attacked by an unseen enemy, the Fey send them to Earth to investigate a rumour that the Round Table is being re-formed. 

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by Julia Golding

To stop tyrannical King Oberon from invading the human world, Rick and Roxy must track down the legendary Arthur Pendragon and recruit him to fight for their cause. Only then will they stand a chance against Oberon’s armies. But can they find him . . . before it’s too late?

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by Fleur Hitchcock

SHRUNK! is the story of Tom Perks, who after finding a meteorite, develops the ability to shrink things.  Unfortunately, he shrinks Jupiter, shortly followed by the school bully, and discovers that the Solar System is a delicate mechanism, as indeed, is friendship. 

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face like glass-hbA Face Like Glass

by Frances Hardinge

In the underground city of Caverna, craftsmen create extraordinary delicacies – amnesia-wines, vision-cheeses and mind-control-perfumes. It is a city of perfect liars, where everybody has been taught expressions by skilled ‘Facesmiths’. Into this distrustful world tumbles Neverfell, a young amnesiac who cannot lie, whose face betrays her every thought…

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A Most Improper Magick UK front cover

A Most Improper Magick

by Stephanie Burgis

Magic may be the greatest scandal in Regency England. But that’s not going to stop twelve-year-old Kat Stephenson when there are highwaymen to foil, sinister aristocrats to defeat…and true loves to capture for her two older sisters!

Join Kat for the first of the Unladylike Adventures of Kat Stephenson.

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Sand DancersSand Dancers: Let the Dance Begin

by Lynda Waterhouse

The Sandringham Dance School has been closed since the night of the Great Sandstorm seven years ago. But now the sands have shifted and all the sand sprites are excited that it is reopening. Cassie is desperate to get a place. She is sure that Sandringham can reveal the truth behind the disappearance of her mother- the prima dune dancer who vanished the same night the school was closed… As Cassie investigates , she finds herself dancing in a whirl of jealously, friendship and heart-wrenching secrets.
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