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Wendy Quill front coverWendy Quill is a Crocodile’s Bottom

by Wendy Meddour and Mina May

All Wendy Quill wants is to be a little bit famous! But a career as a crocodile’s bottom (in Peter Pan) and a tap-dancing munchkin really wasn’t what she planned! Three hilarious stories in one book with fantastic drawings by Mina May, aged 11

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by Sophia Bennett

Fashion fairy tales really can happen. When Nonie, the trend setter, humanitarian Edie and budding actress Jenny meet a young African refugee called Crow, sketching a dress at the Victoria and Albert Museum, they discover a common passion and somehow find a way to make all of their dreams come true.

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dearscarlettjpgDear Scarlett

by Fleur Hitchcock

When Scarlett is given a box from her dead father she finds it’s full of clues. The book, the tools, the postcards, the key – if she can work out what they mean, maybe, together with her new friend Ellie, she can unlock the secrets about him and about herself. 

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evaEva and the Hidden Diary

by Judi Curtin

Eva’s great at solving problems, but surely even she can’t fix something that went wrong in the past? When Eva and Kate find a diary, written long ago by a girl their own age, they are determined to right old wrongs! But the present, too, is throwing challenges at them …

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Peppermint KissRainbow Beauty: Peppermint Kiss

by Kelly McKain

Abbie’s life feels like one big rain cloud since her parents split up and she moved into a grotty flat, in a strange new town.

Could opening a new business – the Rainbow Beauty parlour – bring her family a pot of gold and heal their hearts too?

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Deep WaterDeep Water

by Jo Cotterill

Pearl is over the moon when she’s picked for the British Olympic Synchronised Swimming Team! But her dad walking out makes it hard to concentrate on training – not to mention cheeky journalist Bailey who seems to fancy her. How will Pearl fare at London 2012?

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Year of Big DreamsThe Year of Big Dreams

by Karen McCombie

Flo’s mum is in the final of the Big Dreams TV talent competition. She’s the nation’s favourite new star.

Their lives are about to change forever – just NOT in the way Flo expected…

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Peony PinkerHow To Get What You Want, by Peony Pinker

by Jenny Alexander

Peony Pinker badly wants a bit of TLC from Mum, a bit of peace from Dad (the world’s worst agony aunt) and for her sister’s horrible new best friend to stop being mean to her.

Luckily, Mr Kaminski next door knows the secret of how to get what you want…

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DownsideUpDownside Up

by Hayley Long

Ronni feels thoroughly fed up.  Her mum is mad at her, her teachers think she’s trouble and the coolest boy in school thinks she’s a joke.   

Then something weird happens… and all her dreams suddenly come true.

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Alice Next DoorAlice Next Door

by Judi Curtin

Poor Megan! Not alone is she stuck with totally uncool parents, but now her very best friend, Alice, has moved away. Now Megan has to face school and the dreaded Melissa all on her own.

The two friends hatch a risky plot to get back together. But can their secret plan work?

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bluebell jonesThe Twice-Lived Summer of Bluebell Jones

by Susie Day

All Bluebell Jones wants for her 13th birthday is to be more like her cool, confident sister. When she blows out her candles, up pops Red: her bold, brave 14-year-old self, ready to lead the way.

With Red’s help, Blue’s guaranteed to have the summer of her life. But living with your ever-so-slightly-invisible future self turns out to be all kinds of trouble. And Red’s got a secret…

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