Authors K-Z

Joan LennonJoan Lennon lives in the Kingdom of Fife, which is said to be shaped like a dog’s head.  If this is so, her flat is on the tip of the ear, which explains a lot.  Joan’s latest books are The Slightly Jones Mysteries: you can read Slightly Jones’ Notebook here – and her YA novel Silver Skin – you can find its website here. Age Range: 8+, 9-12, Teen ♥ My Posts

Cas Lester – Cas Lester had a ridiculous amount of fun making TV programmes like The Story of Tracy Beaker for CBBC. Now she’s having a ridonkulous amount of fun writing children’s books instead. She lives in Oxfordshire with some of her four children (she’s never sure how many – it’s hard to keep count) and a mad spaniel called Bramble. Her titles include the NIXIE THE BAD, BAD FAIRY series, the comedy sci-fi HARVEY DREW books and WILFRED THE UNWISE. Age Range: 8+, 9-12 ♥ My Posts

Lindsay Littleson – Lindsay’s a writer and teacher who lives near Glasgow with her partner Ian, teenage daughter Emily and Roo, their fluffy white cat. Roo is a Cat of Very Little Brain, who loves to chase squirrels but struggles to get back down from the trees. Lindsay’s first novel The Mixed Up Summer of Lily McLean won the Kelpies Prize. She is currently editing the sequel, The Awkward Autumn of Lily McLean, in the evenings after school. Age Range: 8+, 9-12 ♥ My Posts

Karen McCombie – When she was a teenager, Karen McCombie vowed to a) be an artist, b) never leave Scotland and c) not bother getting married. She is now a best-selling author of more than 80 published books and lives in leafy North London with her husband, a beautiful-but-bitey cat, and a teenage daughter who provides endless inspiration for her books (whether she likes it or not). Age Range: 8+, 9-12, Teen My Posts

Kelly McKain – Kelly McKain is the author of the Rainbow Beauty, Totally Lucy and Pony Camp Diaries series. She is currently working on a YA/crossover trilogy full of magic, spirituality and female empowerment. Kelly lives beside beautiful heathland in Surrey with her husband and their two children and enjoys dancing, yoga, natural horsemanship and drinking weird green stuff out of the Nutri-Bullet. Age Range: 8+, 9-12, Teen ♥ My Posts

Dawn McNiff – Dawn lives in Gloucestershire with a small cat that likes fighting and cheese. Her books include Little Celeste, Worry Magic, and How Not to Be Weird (out in April 2016). Age Range: 8+, 9-12 ♥ My Posts

Tamsyn Murray – Tamsyn writes the spooky Afterlife series for girls aged 10+, about a teenage ghost called Lucy and a psychic called Skye. She lives in leafy Hertfordshire with her family and many pets. When she isn’t writing, she loves singing – if she was a Glee character, she’d probably be Rachel Berry. Unsurprisingly, her biggest ambition is to appear on a West End stage. Age Range: 9-12, Teen ♥ My Posts

S.C. Ransom – S. C. Ransom, or Sue Ransom as she’s known in Real Life, has written the award-winning Small Blue Thing trilogy. She lives near London with a small posse of teenagers, her husband and a midget Labrador who tries to eat anything. Sue has only recently discovered that she loves writing stories and is thrilled that so many girls like them. Age Range: Teen My Posts

Megan Rix – Megan also writes as Ruth Symes. She has two dogs called Traffy and Bella who like playing in the river close to their house. Bella has her own twitter account PuppyGirlBella. Traffy and Bella sometimes go on school visits with Megan/Ruth. Bella has her own WW1 mercy dog coat that she sometimes wears on school visits although she prefers it to be muddy rather than clean. 🙂 Megan writes realistic animal stories and Ruth writes fantasy animal stories – so long as there’s an animal in the story somewhere she’s happy! Age Range: 7+, 9-12My Posts

Sarah Rubin – Sarah is the author of Dreamer Ballerina, the story of Casey Quinn, a South Carolina girl who dreams of being a dancer in New York City, and the Alice Jones Mysteries, about a girl who uses her love of numbers and logical mind to solve some truly tricky mysteries. Sarah grew up in the United States, but now she lives in Hampshire with her husband, two children and an action-cat named Hamish. Age Range: 9-12 ♥ My Posts

Lucy Strange – Lucy is a writer and teacher. Her first book is being published by Chicken House in 2016. She posts on Girls Heart Books about adventures with reading and writing. She lives in Canterbury with her husband and two naughty cats. ♥ My Posts

Julie SykesJulie has written over sixty books for children, many about animals and magic. She also write as Summer Waters and Skye Waters. When Julie’s not busy working she likes eating cake, walking her dog and reading. Age Range: 8+ ♥ My Posts

Lynda WaterhouseLynda Waterhouse lives in the Elephant and Castle which doesn’t have any castles or elephants but does have a shed to write in. She writes the Sand Dancers series and teen novels like Soul Love in there. As she is running creative writing sessions at the Queen’s Gallery she dreams of taking tea at a palace one day but knows that she would end up covered in cake crumbs with a blob of jam on her nose. Age Range: 8+, 9-12 My Posts

Sarah Webb Irish writer Sarah Webb is the author of the Ask Amy Green series for readers of 10+ and The Songbird Cafe Girls series for age 8+.  Sarah’s books have been shortlisted for the Irish Book Awards, the Children’s Books Ireland Award and the Queen of Teen Award. She is currently working on a new series for young readers which is all about sisters. Age Range: 9-12, Teen ♥ My Posts

Val Wilding – Val has been a teacher and a librarian, but she loves writing more than anything. (Chocolate comes a close second.) She writes books for all ages, both fiction and non-fiction, and can never decide which she likes best. She also writes as Phoebe Bright, and has another name that her publishers insist she keeps secret. Val enjoys reading, paddling, book-shopping, lovely new notebooks, and buttons… chocolate buttons. Age range: 8+, 9-12, Teen ♥ My Posts

Eloise Williams – Eloise lives in West Wales and writes for young readers. Before she picked up a pen in a professional manner she was a Sixer of Pixies. Child of the 70s. Actor. Teacher. Elf. She likes confetti, bluebells, memories of her Gran and Grampa, family, cwtches, the way ladybirds shelter in beech nuts, collecting sea-glass on misty days, comfy jeans, stories about interesting things, her Cairn terrier Watson Jones and the colour green. Her debut book ‘Elen’s Island’ came out in 2015 and her second book ‘Gaslight’ will be launched at the Cardiff Kid’s Lit Fest in 2017 (on her 45 th birthday – BEST PRESENT EVER!) Age range: 8+, 9-12, Teen ♥ My Posts