Authors A-J

Sophia Bennett – Sophia lives in London with her two younger children, her husband, a writing shed and several guitars. She has written the Threads series for girls of 9-12 who like high fashion and saving the world, as well as The Look, The Castle and You Don’t Know Me. Her latest book for teens, Love Song, is out in spring 2016Age Range: 9-12, Teen ♥ My Posts

Cecilia Busby – Cecilia writes humorous fantasy for ages 7 upwards. Her most recent trilogy, which started with Deep Amber, has multiple worlds, magic jewels, knights, dragons and a mysterious pair of swimming googles. She used to live on a boat, but now lives in Devon with her three children. She loves chocolate, ice-cream and curry (not all at the same time, obviously!) Age range: 7-12 ♥ My Posts

Emma Carroll – Emma has worked as an English teacher, a news reporter, an avocado picker and the person who punches holes into filofax paper. Writing is her DREAM COME TRUE job. Emma’s books are usually historical, often mysterious and always full of strong female characters. They include ghost story ‘Frost Hollow Hall’ and ‘The Girl Who Walked On Air’ which is set in a Victorian circus. Her third book ‘ In Darkling Wood’ is out in July 2015, with a Christmas novella, ‘The Snow Sister’ coming in October. Age range: 9-12 TeenMy Posts

Tamsin Cooke – Tamsin loves to travel, have adventures and see wild animals. She likes to think her Nahualli (spirit animal) would be a lioness or a jaguar, but her friends tell her it’s a Labradoodle! She’s the author of Cat Burglar and Mission Gone Wild from The Scarlet Files series. Her second series, starting with Stunt Double, comes out in July 2017. Age Range: 8+, 9-12 ♥ My Posts

Jo Cotterill – Jo has been an actor, composer and teacher, but she much prefers making stuff up in books. Her latest books are: A Library of Lemons, Looking at the Stars, and the superhero series Electrigirl. Jo likes the soap shop Lush, eating cheese and playing with her daughters. Age Range: 9-12, Teen My Posts

Judi Curtin –  In 2005, Judi Curtin took a break from writing books for adults to write a single book for children – and she’s never stopped! She has written the Alice and Megan series,  Eva’s Journey and The Time Spell, in which a very modern young girl takes a trip back in time to the Titanic. Age Range: 9-12 ♥ My Posts

Ben Davis – Ben writes funny kids’ books. His Joe Cowley series for teens has been hailed as Wimpy Kid for a new generation. He also writes for younger readers, including the supervillain tale Danny Dread, and the vlogging adventure, My Embarrassing Dad’s Gone Viral. Age Range: 9-12, Teen ♥ My Posts

Ruth Fitzgerald – When Ruth was six, she said she wanted to be a writer but her teacher advised her to get a proper job. She followed that advice many years but kept getting in trouble for giggling in management meetings. One day when Ruth was drinking a cup of tea (her favourite thing to do) ’Emily Sparkes’ popped into her head and started talking. Now Ruth writes books and stories instead of attending meetings and everyone is much happier, especially the managers. Age range: 9-12 ♥ My Posts

Jo Franklin – Jo loved making up stories as a child but unfortunately no one could read her writing so she kept the stories in her head instead of writing them down. Luckily computers came along and changed all that so now Jo funny, feel good stories for 8-12 year olds.  She likes to write about children who are not normally centre-stage like tomboys, geeks and misfits. Help I’m an Alien is published by Troika Books. Age Range: 9-12 ♥ My Posts

Julia GoldingJulia Golding is the author of over thirty novels, including the award-winning Cat Royal series.  She writes in many different genres – historical, fantasy, thriller – but always with an adventure at the heart. Covering the 8-12 age range and also teenage and older, she publishes under the names Joss Stirling and Eve Edwards – yes it is a long story how that came about! She lives in Oxford, married with three children and two very soppy dogs. Age Range: 8+, 9-12, Teen ♥ My Posts

Swapna Haddow – Swapna is the author of the Dave Pigeon books, including How to Deal with Bad Cats and Keep (Most of) Your Feathers (out April 2016) and How Not to Get Plucked, Minced, Roasted and Served up with Ketchup which will be published in 2017. Swapna lives in London with her husband and son and their pet hamster Gary. When she’s not writing she is usually reading, dreaming about living on a boat or eating Jaffa Cakes. Age Range: 7+ ♥ My Posts

Claire Hennessy – Claire lives in Dublin, Ireland, where she writes, edits, teaches and reads – a lot. She likes tea, chocolate, feminism, history and comedy. Age Range: 9-12, Teen ♥ My Posts

Lynn Huggins-Cooper – Lynn has worked in a bail hostel,  as a marine wildlife warden, as a lecturer, barmaid and teacher, but she’s happiest when making up stories. Sometimes, she even writes them down. Lynn likes making crafts, looking for frogs and newts,  and playing with her daughter and grandchildren. Age Range: 8+, 9-12  Teen ♥ My Posts

Sharon Marie Jones – Sharon grew up in mountainous North Wales. As a child, she listened in wide-eyed wonderment to local tales about giants and had her very own fairy door on the crab apple tree at the bottom of the garden. She is Mam to three boys and worked as a Primary School teacher for twelve years, before finally allowing herself to pursue that magical dream of becoming an author. She now happily gazes out of the window and writes full time. Her debut book is Grace-Ella: Spells for Beginners. Age Range: 9-12  ♥  My Posts