Say Hello, Wave Goodbye, by Ruth Fitzgerald.

If I believed in astrology I would definitely be looking out for strange planetary alignments and something moving into my house of somewhere this month. It seems to be a time of new beginnings.

This is my last blog for Girls Heart Books and, while I have only been writing here for a year or so, I was a reader long before I was a contributor, so it is a little sad to say goodbye.

However, it’s a good time for me to be making changes, as in a couple of  weeks’ time I finally get to give up the day job and become a full-time writer!

I’m not at all confident that I will be able to survive doing this but as this is something I’ve dreamed of doing since I was a child I think it’s about time I gave it a go. I suppose it’s not strictly full time as I’ll still be working at the local college teaching evening classes in creative writing, and of course doing school visits and festivals, I’m also intending to start a new blog of my own. Still, it does mean it does mean that all my work energies will be directed towards things to do with writing. Even typing that makes me feel very excited  – and a bit scared!

Looking through the posts below, it’s not just me starting a new chapter (sorry!) So good luck to everyone with what you’re intending to achieve this year. Hope to bump into you somewhere bookish very soon, and if I do  – ‘Say Hello.’

(This whole post is just an excuse to post a picture of Marc)


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