Endings and New Beginnings – Lynn Huggins-Cooper

I am rather sad to think that this is my last ‘turn’ writing for the Girls Heart Books blog. It’s been fun. Endings can be difficult, as we remember all of the things we have enjoyed.

But endings make way for new beginnings. I am busy finishing projects, ready to move on to something new. I signed papers today for a very special new writing studio in the centre of Newcastle. I am going to go there and write most days, to make sure I write all of the stories that keep boiling round my head. I am a textiles artist, as well as a writer, and sometimes I find it really hard to split my time between the two ‘jobs’ – all that gorgeous wool, fabric and thread calls to me rather loudly, and the writing doesn’t always get a fair chance.

studio 1

My study is full of beautiful colours and materials, and it makes me want to sew, and felt, and bead…and that is great, but there isn’t a nice quiet space at home any more for  writing to take place.


So, my new beginning will help me to write more – and will give me a new view. I am used to looking out of my study window at trees, and now I’ll see streets. It will be very different. But that’s what new beginnings are all about, isn’t it? Looking at things in a new, fresh way.

I’ll miss the posts I read on Girls Heart Books, and I am very grateful to have been a part of the community here – but who knows what great things all of the writers featured in this blog will do next? I’ll be watching – and I hope you will, too.

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