Who would choose to break you out of jail? by Julia Golding

One of the fun things about being a writer is that you get to imagine yourself into situations you (hopefully) will never experience. Ember, in my latest book written as Joss Stirling, has ended up on remand under suspicion of murder – pretty extreme but that’s where a good story is to be found! She then has to work out who, if anyone, she trusts to break her out.

So, question to the reader, who would you choose? My publisher liked this idea so much they have made it the subject of a competition running until the end of the month. You need to pick a friend on Facebook. Here’s the link. You both stand a chance of winning a signed copy of the book – Scorched – and a Pandora bracelet for each of you.

Do you have some other fun scenarios you think about? The classic is the desert island one. You can think of it in terms of people you know or maybe from a series that you like e.g. which Harry Potter character would you like to be your desert island companion? No apparating or getting away by magic allowed. There’s an argument for the best at spells but maybe you’d choose the most entertaining? Not Voldemort – that would be like locking yourself in a cage with a tiger (see my book Dragonfly if you want to imagine what that is like).

As this collective blog comes to an end – sniff – don’t forget we can all be found elsewhere on the web. Just now I’m best found on Instagram –  posting as joss.stirling – as I’m in Hong Kong. I’ve travelled there with Cat Royal so that’s another imaginary scenario isn’t it? With whom would you most like to travel the world? Of my own characters, Cat Royal would be an excellent choice. Try one of her books if you want to find out why.

Best wishes and see you elsewhere!

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