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Things I Love About…


Today I have put together a list of the things I love about reading.

heart books

It’s by no means comprehensive and it’s definitely a bit random, but I hope it will strike a chord as a fitting way to sign off on my last post for Girls Heart Books…so here goes…

I love how many books there are in the world.

 I love the way books privately transport you to other worlds.

 I love how your relationship with a book can be specific to when you read it – to a place and a time, perhaps. It’s a genuine dilemma, I think, to consider picking up a book you loved some time ago, and decide if you’ll read it again.

 I love that how you respond to a book may be different to the person who sits next to you, and how that can give you something to really talk about.

 I love that there will always be a book for you somewhere, even if you have very particular taste.

 I love libraries because they are made up of books, and librarians of course, and together they make reading possible for all.

 I love that reading is a thing you do mostly on your own. It is a peaceful, quiet thing to do in an often very noisy world.

 I love that even though it is a quiet pursuit reading can still make your brain and heart explode!

 Put simply, I love how reading a book makes me happy.

 And yet how annoying to discover that writing a book is not quite so simple a thing…!



It has been a real pleasure to reflect each month on some aspect of my work as a reader and a writer, and to be part of the GHB community. So a big THANK YOU to Jo Cotterill for inviting me in, and to everyone who might have read what I’ve written here over this past six months!

Happy Reading All!



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