Writing an ending by Lynda Waterhouse


Sometimes the perfect ending for a character or situation is the first thing I think of when I’m planning a story. The final scene flashes into my imagination like the end credits of a film and the challenge for me as a writer is to work backwards to build the story.  Perhaps I should borrow Mary Queen of Scots motto, ‘In my end is my beginning.’

At other times it is so hard to find the best place to end a story. When I finish reading a novel I want to feel satisfied but not overstuffed or too perplexed. I want to carry on the conversations in my head with the characters after the final page and care enough about them to think about them and wonder what they are up to from time to time. I want to talk about the story with friends.

It has been a real experience writing a post each month for you.  What I have tried to do is write from my heart about things that interest, amuse and delight me.

I leave you with a quote from Charlotte Bronte which is the best advice on writing:

 ‘I am just going to write because I cannot help it.’

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