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You Will NEVER GUESS My New Hobby! says Kelly McKain

Hi all!

If you are in the UK, well, wow, what a beautiful spring we are having! If you haven’t already, now is a great time for saying a fond farewell to anything you’ve loved, but that isn’t for you anymore, or to things that you want to take a break from. That leaves the path clear for what Spring is all about – bringing in the new!

Recently I’ve welcomed in some new and exciting work things, and a couple of lovely personal things too. These aren’t exactly new, they are things that I’d just kind of stopped doing at some point, probably because something else took over. But now they are back, and I’m really enjoying them. One is yoga, I just do half an hour a day, and I absolutely love it. The other is… you will find this really crazy but… READING!

Kelly reading

I’m sure you’re thinking, but Kelly, you’re an author, surely you read all the time, right? Well actually, although I listen to audio books a lot, I haven’t actually done much reading for a while. It took a new chair, well, old-new, how I like stuff, and an old-new lamp, and a friend’s unwanted table (essential for my cup of tea) and I had an awesome new reading area. Then suddenly I was off, reading like a demon! Audio books are great, but there’s just something about actually reading – feeling your breathing drop into a lovely rhythmic pattern, snuggling under a blanket or making a Galaxy bar last a whole chapter (quite an achievement for me!). But then, you all knew that, didn’t you? You’re all mad keen readers, I’ll bet. Well, I’m back in the club, and I’m going to send you lots and lots of love and sign off now, because I want to get back to my book…

Love, Kellyx

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