Memories and Future Plans by Lynn Huggins-Cooper

witches back

I love the ‘Facebook Memories’ that pop up daily. Some of the memories are sad; many are happy – but I am delighted by how many of them are to do with books. The last week or so has been full of memories of ‘Walking With Witches,’ which was published eight years ago. The time has passed in a heartbeat. I am still doing school visits and events with this book, so that may be why it doesn’t seem it has been as long since it was published.

It’s good to look back – and I can’t help but do that as this blog draws to a close. Being part of ‘Girls Heart Books’ has been lovely. But the future beckons. New writing (and art) projects are taking up my time and my thoughts. In the eight years since ‘Walking With Witches’ was published, my writing has developed to include lots of adult books, writing for magazines and articles for newspapers. I am excited to think about where my writing will take me in the next eight years. I have a series at acquisitions this week, so I have high hopes. I hope in eight years time I will be able to say that they were accepted by the publisher and became very popular!

My other plans for the year include a Young Adult book and a series for early readers – and I am currently illustrating three picture books with felted illustrations. A busy year ahead! So, thanks for reading my blog entries on Girls Heart Books – and watch this space!





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