Self Poetry by Lynda Waterhouse

Self poetry

I sometimes spend time running creative writing sessions in art galleries. I believe that when different art forms, such as dance, drama, music, words or visual arts, mix and mingle magical sparks of creativity occur.

Last week I went along to The Queen’s Gallery to see two young poets, Kieron Rennie and Amina Jama, perform poetry that they had been commissioned to write by The Royal Collection inspired by the current Portrait of the Artist exhibiton. I have spent quite a bit of time in the gallery looking at this exhibition and thought I knew it but Keiron and Amina’s poetry made me ‘feel’ the art. They provided an emotional connection to the work.

These poems will soon be available on the Royal Collection website, but in the meantime here is a performance clip of Kieron.

What is your favourite combination of art forms?


Filmed & Audio Mixed by: @decorum.dcrm (Instagram)


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