It’s shameful. Forgive me…

It’s my very last post for GHB today and after a week of school visits, head colds, edits, dogs being sick… you name it… I’ve suddenly realised its March 14th. Blog post day.

So, apologies for being late posting, and thank you to everyone who has read my ramblings here over the past couple of years. I love this site and am sad to see it go. But,we live in exciting, unusual times… things change, things move forward. Which brings me on to leaving you with some happy news…



In Darkling Wood publishes in America today ( March 14th 2017) with Delacorte Press. I’m so excited that this is my first book to come out in the US because, if I absolutely HAD to choose a favourite of my published books so far it might just be this one). It’s had starred reviews from The School Library Journal and Booklist, and is an Amazon.com Best Book of the Month for 9-12s. GO DARKLING WOOD!!

Happy reading everyone!

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