Guest Bloggers Katharine and Elizabeth Corr

This is the very last guest blog at Girls Heart Books. So we’re going out with a bang. Instead of one fab author, we’re bring you two. They are (drum roll) sisters, Katharine and Elizabeth Corr. A huge welcome to GHB, girls. Your new book, The Witch’s Kiss looks awesome. 

Why we love witches by Katharine and Elizabeth Corr

Ok, it’s nowhere near Halloween. But our love of all things witchy isn’t confined to 31st October. That’s why, when we began writing our retelling of Sleeping Beauty (published as The Witch’s Kiss last June) we decided our hero should be a witch. Merry is a normal twenty-first century teenager. She’s also an untrained witch. But then she inherits the job of breaking the curse that was placed on Jack, an Anglo-Saxon prince, at his christening. Confronted with a 1500-year-old dark, vengeful wizard, Merry must accept her family history (her gran runs the local coven) and learn to use her power properly. The hard work continues in The Witch’s Tears, when a mysterious fairy tale creature starts attacking local witches. We’ve had a lot of fun creating spells and rules and a historical backstory for our leading ladies. So here are our top five favourite things about witches:

Witches can look however they want. Young and beautiful. Old and wrinkly. Like crazy authors. It doesn’t matter.

Witches get the best roles. They don’t have to marry the prince. They can live in gingerbread cottages instead, if they prefer.


Witches can be in covens: automatic, no-men-allowed friendship groups.

Witches can be good. Or bad. Or somewhere in-between. They refuse to be pigeonholed.

Merry as drawn by Hayley Fraser

Witches epitomise girl power. Back in the days when women didn’t get much say in anything, witches in stories were both powerful and independent. And those characteristics are just as important now.

Merry as drawn by Ciara

Katharine and Elizabeth are giving away THREE copies of The Witch’s Kiss. Hop on over to the competition page now for full details. 

Out now The spell binding sequel The Witch’s Tears




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