Ten Things I Learned from World Book Day Celebrations!

11113558_10153182652545856_3909236479267700720_n-171x3001. Children are brilliant and creative, funny and excellent, ace and amazing. OK… I knew this already but it’s an ongoing thing so I thought I’d mention it.


2. Authors & illustrators are the kindest, most generous, and friendliest people you could hope to meet.

biggest books show authors 3

3. A homemade costume is worth the effort. And when someone dresses as one of your characters it is the best feeling ever!


4. Unless you have earplugs don’t ask a thousand children to scream at the same time.

5.‘Knickers’ is one of the funniest words to be included in a book – with thanks to Steven Butler for pointing this out.

6. Voldemort can walk on stilts.


7. Celebrating books brings people together.

8. Don’t try to plan a launch party during World Book Day events unless you want to get your balloons in a twizzle.

gaslight final cover

9. Book the next eleven and a half months off for the amount of reading you’ll want to do.


10. Look forward to doing it all over again!


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