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Starting your writing journey – by Julia Golding

I’ve been thinking about the first book I ever wrote recently, Secret of the Sirens, the first part in the Companions Quartet. As things worked out in the wonderful world of publishing, it actually came out a few months after my first published book (the other publishing house was quicker off the mark) but it still reminds me of that stage when I was learning how to write. It is an odd fact but when you get to the stage of having written a lot of books (I’ve reached at around 40 novels at the moment) you start to forget the details of the things you first wrote and have to go back. It’s like reading something written by a completely other self to start with until the world clicks back into focus. Then you get back into the groove. So let’s start at the very beginning…

We all have to start somewhere – I began with mythical creatures, which were my daughter’s favourite subject at the time. The story was about the secret society for the protection of mythical creatures. Take a look at this trailer my son made me to find out more. It expanded from this to be a whole world of characters and adventures.

Perhaps you’d like to write about animals with magical powers – dragons, unicorns, giants or any of the creatures taken from world mythology? In my series, each member of the society is paired up with their special creature, from pegasus to frost wolf to siren. I used to have a game running on my website where you were asked various questions which led you to the creature that fitted your character. That’s not up any longer but you can think through where you would end up. I think mine would most likely be a selkie because I like the idea of a friend who transforms into a seal and I have a suspicion my husband would be one if he were a mythical version of himself!

As I found out, mythical creatures make a great writing journey. Maybe it could be the start of yours?

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