Broken by Lynda Waterhouse

Have a listen to  ‘What becomes of the broken hearted’ by soul legend Jimmy Ruffin

As my post comes the day after Valentine’s Day, it got me thinking ….

Long, long ago when I was a teenager going to the Cat’s Whiskers Disco towards the end of the evening the DJ would play this song.

This was the cue for all the single girls to muster on the dancefloor and shriek along to the lyrics in one mass karaoke. This act of mass singing transformed the ‘heartbreak’ into a shared experience of happiness.  I believe that creating characters and putting them into stories can have the same transforming effect.

Most of the stories that I write or that I like to read begin with something lost or someone who has been damaged or broken in some way. It’s what makes characters interesting and creates the conflict and the storyline.

The challenge for the writer is to help our characters mend, heal or find what they have lost. Putting the world to rights on paper gives you the most amazing feeling!!

So if your character is feeling sad or is in a difficult situation. Think of three things that will bring a smile to their faces.

And a big hug to you if you’re feeling sad today!!!

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