Today being Valentine’s Day it seems only right to talk about LOVE. I don’t just mean the romantic variety (although that’s rather nice), but the whole chocolate box of ways we experience what I think is our most important emotion.


Here’s a little exercise I set myself when thinking about this post:

Name a person you love

Name a person you love whose name has the letter P in it

Name an animal you love

Name a place you love

Name a view you love

Name a food you love

Name a book you love

Name a festival or time of year that you love

Name a person you’ve never met who you love

Name a feeling  you love

Have a go at it yourself and you soon realise just how many different varieties of love we all feel in our lives. You can probably think up plenty more!


If Valentine’s Day is about showing love, do it- and not just in the romantic, red hearts, roses chocolates kind of way. Make your mum a cuppa, smile at the cashier in Tescos, tell friend what they mean to you, take your dog on its favourite walk, post a review of a book you love.

I’ll leave you with this slightly bonkers clip of a wonderful Beatles song. May it be your ear worm for the day. All You Need Is Love

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