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Some Competitions to Have a Bash At – Joan Lennon

From time to time, writing competitions come to my attention and I think of you!  Here are a few I thought might be fun, so grab your pencil or your pen or your computer or whatever you like to write with, and get stuck in!

You might fancy the BBC 500 Words Story Competition – find out about that here.  (Hey, Megan – great minds think alike!  See her post from Friday 10th for more details on this competition.)

Or, maybe the Betjeman Poetry Prize.  You can get the details for that here.

Or you might like the sound of The Solstice Prize for Young Writers, and the information on how to submit to that is here.


These are all free to enter.  Make sure you read the rules for submitting carefully.  Let us know how you get on – and good luck!

(images from Wikipedia Commons)

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