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Words in Wales for World Book Day

This year I am excited for St. David’s Day even more than usual.



Welsh cakes, daffodils, Welsh lady costumes, singing Welsh songs, eating leeks… we know how to party here in Wales!

Even though I was born in Cardiff and grew up in the South Wales Valleys I can still only speak a smattering of the language – I am trying to put this right by teaching myself now – but I can sing loads of songs in Welsh, and I often find myself bursting into a bit of ‘Calon Lan’ (lovely hymn) on the beach without realising it.



The reason I’m so excited this year is because I am also taking part in The Biggest Book Show on Earth for World book Day on the 1st March too.

It’s a fantastic event which promotes books and celebrates the brilliance of reading and it is one of my favourite things in the whole wide world. Combine this with St. David’s Day, and much eating of Bara Brith, and I’m bursting with excitement and cake.



The line-up here in Wales is Abi Elphinstone, Steven Butler, Jim Smith, Cathy Cassidy, Martin Brown and (Eek!) Eloise Williams.

I’ll be talking about ‘Elen’s Island’ and ‘Gaslight’ and why my stories are set in Wales, unsurprisingly. I’m really hoping I don’t burst into song accidentally!


So, it’s a bit early, but I hope you have a fantastic St. David’s Day. And I hope you get along to one of The Biggest Book Show on Earth events and celebrate World Book Day in style. Or at least in a Welsh lady costume!




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