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My Writing Space (the final frontier…)

I have a writing space.

And I’m quite fascinated by other writers writing spaces. I don’t always write in my writing space, but I do always use it for editing. It’s a place to retreat to away from the rest of the house and the rest of the world. Although I can hear the neighbours come and go, I can see the birds hopping on the bird feeder and see the dog having a little rummage about in the garden.

Its a nice space, I’m very lucky to have it.

I call it ‘The study” my partner calls it ‘The office” However, it’s really just the small spare bedroom. It has a bed in it for when our friends and family come to stay, it’s also  the room where the laundry dries on wet winter days. So it’s very much a shared room. I don’t get to have it all to myself.

But on this months blog post I thought I’d invite you in to have a look around at some of the treasures and curiosities stashed away in the writing room. Aside from the obvious things, chair, desk, laptop rather  a lot of post-it notes and a recently acquired laminator (Would you like me to laminate that for you?) There are some little treasures and a few things I can’t live without. . . (including a poncho – but that could be a whole post on its own!)

So wipe your feet, grab a cup of tea and come inside!

Oh mind the dog!


The Apprentice Witch, Three different editionsimg_7683

As if having one book wasn’t exciting enough, I’m lucky enough to currently have my book in Spanish,  Arianwyn: la Aprediz de Bruja, and the American proof copy, (its a rather stunning, recent addition.)  As well as a few copies of my gorgeous original UK edition.

Its nice to have them nearby and they spur me on if things look bleak!


A Drove of Moon Hares 


Bob, the moon hare has certainly become rather popular with readers and it’s been lovely to receive a few little moon hares as gifts.

They now all sit on the desk watching over me and bringing lots of good luck (I hope) Occasionally they come with e on school visits and to events at festivals or bookshops!

I’m still hoping for a knitted one – if anyone fancies having a go?

A Cast of Lego Characters 


I’m a huge, HUGE lego fan, despite my sister being a very bossy lego foreman when we were little!

And this was  a great tip I “borrowed” from Joe Craig. When I get stuck on a scene (generally one that has lots of characters in it and perhaps quite a lot of action)  I use the lego people to represent characters from The Apprentice Witch.

I can then place them where they should be and work out who goes where, who can see who etc. And its quite good fun as well!

Can you see my Lego Arianwyn that i created from several other pieces) she’s on the right hand side with the broomstick!)

Notebooks, beautiful notebooks! 

If you know an author or someone who likes to write, you’ll never go wrong buying them a notebook, even if they have a particular type that they prefer, any sort of notebook I think is always generally welcome.

Most writers are also stationary addicts and will get excited at the sight of paper! I have half a bookshelf full of unused (so far) notebooks. Some will be used for just jotting ideas down, some will go with me wherever I go, in rucksacks and bags for those flashes of inspiration in the supermarket checkout or waiting for a train etc. Others will be for those tentative first drafts of future books. Sometime I just like to get them all out and put them in a pile and look at them. 😉

Ah, lovely notebooks!

Scrabble Picture


This was a gift from a dear and lovely friend at the launch of The Apprentice Witch. All handmade.

I LOVE it!

Although I’m actually the worst scrabble player in the world universe!

I’m so amazed that my name and the book title all slotted together so well. My friends children thought ‘The Apprentice Witch’ was  actually my middle name…which isn’t a bad idea!

The Bookshelf of Inspiration 

It’s quite an eclectic mix on my inspiration book shelf. Including books on the second world war, magic & witchcraft, gem stones, plants and herbs, assorted myths and folk tales, animals. My favourite title ‘Breverton’s Phantasmagoria’ is stuffed full of brilliant legends of all kinds and from all over the world. Oh and also a baby name book just in case I get stuck for a character name!

In case of emergency. . .

Every now and then I do have to go back and check something vital in The Apprentice Witch, character names, the exact spell used at a particular point.

It’s HUGE fun to be writing a series but I’m aware now I have to pay extra attention as I know readers will be eagle eyed if I slip up, even a little, and its too lazy to just say – well thats magic for you!

So I’ve marked up a copy with all the important bits and pieces, which is sort of my world ‘bible’ along with my various notebooks.


The Notice Board

My big cork board that’s on the wall above the desk  is filled with various bits and pieces, mostly things that are inspirations for what I’m currently writing or thinking about writing. Currently on the notice board we have:

  • The leaves from last autumn,  all brown an crispy, because the second book is all set during the autumn.
  • The postcard of a Klimt landscape, of a small town by a river or lake, it’s what I imagine Lull to look like.
  • A copy of Daniella Terrazzini’s original sketch for the jacket which I like to have nearby.
  • And a few little motivational notes that friends sent me that always make me smile.
  • There are also maps for Lull and the surrounding area, so I know where everyone is going and a real life charm from Greece that was given to me by author, Victoria Hislop.

Words of Wisdom from a Master Storyteller


If I feel stuck, or want to do a bit of writing  separate from the work in progress or before doing some editing or just to read some wise words, I always turn to this brilliant book by Ursula Le Guin, who is a      total legend.

There are lost of great little exercises in this book to spark your imagination or get you to look at things in a different and more inventive way!


I hope you’ve had fun poking about and having a little glimpse into my writing space. Thanks  so much for stopping by!

See you again soon!

James 🙂

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