Write a monologue or duologue for us

unknown-2To celebrate publication of the second book in our teen series, Waiting for Callback:Take Two we, together with First News and Simon & Schuster UK, are running a writing competition.

All the details are on the competitions page of our website together with links to resources and helpful tips but in a nutshell we want entrants to write a short monologue or duologue for stage or screen!

Honor and I started collaborating on the Waiting for Callback series when she was still at school.  That collaboration was and remains enormous fun and we want fun to be at the front of our competition too. Of course there are prizes too…

10496924_10204521193662406_4650479594859628206_oWe chose the mono/duo format in part because it fits with the theme of our books but mostly because we wanted to encourage students to experiment playfully with different styles of writing.  Honor is dyslexic (she wrote about it here) and found it easier and less intimidating to read scripts than multiple pages of unbroken text.  Now she loves writing in that format (we have lots of script sections in the books) and writing dialogue.

Entries have already started coming in and they are brilliant!  So, have a go if you are within our age groups (10-13 and 14-16) and please do spread the word.  We have poster packs for schools and writing to drama groups.  Just shout (taketwocomp@gmail.com or via Twitter @perditact) if you’d like one.

And good luck.

Perdita x

Waiting for Callback: Take Two published by Simon & Schuster Uk on 26 January 2017.



2 thoughts on “Write a monologue or duologue for us

  1. Thank you this is great, I have just put up an events and competitions page on my blog. It not only helps me keep on track, it can be of help to others who generally miss stuff, or who want to discipline themselves to meet those deadlines before that publishing deal comes rocking in!

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