How do you choose the next book to read?

I love bookshops and libraries. I can spend hours looking at the different books, wondering which one to buy or borrow. But how do you make your choice when there are so many on offer?


Do you go straight to the section that has your favourite author?


Do you look at books that are aimed at your age group?

Do you look for your favourite genre – humour, adventure, romance, science fiction etc?


Do you look at the cover? Does it have to stand out and invite you in? Do certain colours or pictures draw you in more?

Do you look at the title?

Do you look at the blurb and see what the book is about? Do you make sure the topic interests you?

Do you read the first page to make sure you like the writing and that it grabs you?

Do you flick through the pages, getting a feel of the book? unknown-7

Do you think about books that have been recommended by your friends or in the press?

Do you ask the bookseller or librarian for advice, telling them what types of books you like to read?

Do you do all of the above? I do!

Does anyone have another way of choosing a book?

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