Cat Royal Diamond Tour by Julia Golding

diamond-tourTo celebrate Cat Royal’s first adventure, The Diamond of Drury Lane, coming out as a Modern Classic this spring, she is going on an international Diamond Tour. If your school would like to take part in the fun, please talk to a teacher or librarian and let me know and I’ll see if her carriage can come your way. The new event may be of particularly interest to drama nuts as well as readers as I am going to be doing part of the talk as a workshop in 18th century acting styles. Prepare to wring hands, gnash teeth, and swoon!
As part of the fun, Cat will be tweeting her progress as she approaches each date in the tour, letting you know what the roads and high seas were like in your neck of the woods in 1797. You can follow her on @CatherineRoyal
This idea has come in the week I’ve heard the first of the music from the stage musical version, now it has reached workshop stage. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am by the composer’s brilliant music. James Reid is his name and he has done a fabulous job. I fell in love with bad Billy Shepherd all over again! I’ll keep you posted as to how that project is progressing but I’ve learned that these things take a long, long time! We first talked about it 10 years ago!

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