The Joy of Friendship by Sarah Webb

I’ve had the great joy and privilege of sharing my life with two very special women over the years. We first met when we were young teenagers and we’ve been best friends ever since. That’s a lot of time spent together!

Me as a young teen

Me as a young teen

They are called Nicky and Tanya and they are remarkable women. Tanya works for an Italian bank and speaks fluent Italian, Nicky runs her own Pilates and fitness studio. We try to meet up as often as we can, for lunches, walks or nights out.

We have had various fights and disagreements over the years (especially in our teen years) – only natural when you’ve been friends for so long – but we have always remained close, even when living abroad or away from each other.

I was thinking about friendship recently and how you can’t take friends for granted. You have to look after your friendships, nurture them. Here are some friendship tips, based on my own experiences of being a friend:

You have to be a good listener and listen to your friend if she has a problem.

Me reading comics at the beach

Me reading comics at the beach

You have to be honest but kind with your advice.

You have to support her, no matter what and be loyal. Even if it’s hard sometimes or you don’t agree with what she is doing, your job is to be there for her and to catch her if she falls.

You have to apologise if you’ve done something wrong or hurt your friend’s feelings in any way. This is very important.

You have to make an effort to keep in touch – with messages, photos or just a ‘Hi, thinking of you’ text. Mobile phones make this easy.

And you have to make time for each other and spend time together in person – a fun hot chocolate/coffee/lunch, a trip to the cinema, or to an art exhibition you’d both like to see.

Do you have any friendship tips? Or fun things you do together? I’d love to hear them!  

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