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On Distraction…

Two weeks ago I moved house, and whilst this was a brilliant and exciting event in my life, it was without doubt extremely distracting. And then as soon as I’d got over the move, and unpacked (well, almost…), I was faced with the fact that it was very soon to be Christmas – EEK! I realised that as much as I was looking forward to Christmas, and especially in my new home, this festive season was another potentially huge distraction to my writing routine.


Distraction can come in all different shapes and sizes. Moving house and the festive season are one of many various life events that can present different stresses and strains to the task of sitting down to write. But there are other smaller distractions that can also be just as affecting…

My cat, Ralph, coffee, food and my phone are some of the smaller distractions that can challenge my writing day to day even without any big life changes or life events… These are things that I have to keep in check to keep my writing on track!


I think without a serious deadline looming the holidays do often present a challenge to writing. Yes, writers are meant to have some time off work just like everybody else, but when you are constantly working under your own steam as writers often are, and with pretty flexible hours, there can be a nervousness in breaking with the writing routine, whatever it is. If you break your routine for too long then getting back to the desk has the potential to be be horribly hard, and you may even begin to to wonder if you’ll get back to it at all…

I know that I already have a mixture of feelings about my January given I’ve written in such a sporadic way this past month or so since my move. Some of what I feel is nervousness about re-establishing the discipline of writing, but much of it too is an excitement. In lots of ways and in spite of the nervousness, I just can’t wait to get back to writing again in a more committed way. And so I wonder whether in a sense distraction might also actually be a rather nifty motivator too?

A nice thought to share at least for now, as I head off to just have a little look at Twitter, unpack that last box from my move and wrap a present or two whilst I indulge in a yummy coffee with a mince pie or two…



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