Holiday movies = book ideas! by Karen McCombie

So the holidays aren’t too far away, and it’s the perfect time for serious sofa-surfing and movie watching. Everyone will find a favourite film – or five – turning up on the TV listings somewhere, I’m sure.

When I was at school, TV options were so much less (just the four channels) but I always looked forward to the inevitable holiday viewing… the Beatles films, very funny movies by the Marx Brothers (ancient even when I was young, but totally brilliant), and one or other of the St Trinian’s series of films (the original black&white ones). Oh, how I LOVED St Trinian’s! Not so much for the glamorous older girls but for the feral younger kids, and the bonkers teachers.

sttrin-movie    st-trinians

And so when I came to dream up a new series recently, somehow St Trinian’s wiggled its way into my head. Mind you, as I’m a bit of a hello-trees-hello-sky kind of person, the boarding school became quite hippie-fied, and includes not just girls, but a goat and a random boy too.


I was so pleased when Stripes, the publisher of ‘ST GRIZZLE’S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, GOATS AND RANDOM BOYS’, asked Becka Moor* to illustrate. I’d adored the Ronald Searle illustrations for the old St Trinian’s (below, left), so I hoped Stripes would go for someone who could do a modern take on that, and Becka definitely did!


So look out for ‘ST GRIZZLE’S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, GOATS AND RANDOM BOYS’ when it hits the bookshops next month, and check in to the end-of-month giveaways here at Girls Heart Books in January if you fancy a chance to win a free copy!

Karen McCombie :c)

*It was also pretty cool that Becka had been a big fan of my ‘Ally’s World’ series when it first came out… *blush*




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