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A new lease of life for the fairies!

Hi everyone,

Kelly McKain here! I hope you’re all well and enjoying some winter magic. I had a lovely surprise yesterday when the latest Japanese edition of one of the books in my Fairy House series, Fairies to the Rescue, arrived in the post. Here it is next to the English paperback:


I love that it goes backwards, so you open it the other way and read from back to front. And you actually read the lines downwards rather than across, as you can see below. Here are the two pictures of the mean girl, Tiffany Towner, messing around with the Fairy House.

I love the illustration styles of both of the books – the one of the right hand side is illustrated by Nicola Slater, and the Japanese edition by… well, I wish I knew, but not speaking Japanese I can’t find it in the book! I will have to ask my agent to find out. I have already written to the publishers, Poplar-Sha, to tell them how much I love these editions and all the special details they have added, as well as the time and care that has gone into them, as you can see in the lovely full colour illustration below.


I’m so excited and appreciative to my Japanese publishers for giving my little fairies a new lease of life somewhere else in the world, a decade after the books were first published. It’s a wish come true for me! And in return, I wish my new little Japanese fairies all the luck in the world on their journey into new readers’ hands. Fly high and have fun, little ones!

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