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Cheer up! by Jo Franklin

A rather short post from me today because I am recovering from an operation and am supposed to be in bed. I am being looked after by Doctor Louie.

Jo Franklin's cat Louie

Dr Louie Cat

I’m a very impatient patient. Although I am having to rest all the time, my brain is crystal clear so I am already bored. I haven’t worked out how to use my laptop in bed but luckily I can use my phone lying down so I have been doing some shopping.

What do you buy when you are feeling down? Do you like chocolate or Haribos? My favourite chocolates are Lindor truffles. The ones in the red box, but funnily enough I’ve sort of lost my appetite so I haven’t been craving their melting, sumptuous, awesomeness this last week.

Instead of chocolates, I have been buying books. Every single one of the books I have bought this week are about being a writer. That is a sure sign that I need cheering up. Whenever I am not actually writing, I’m thinking about writing. I should be dreaming of my characters and the predicaments they find themselves in, but I’m day dreaming about being a writer.

“But you are a writer!” I hear you shout.

Yes of course I am a writer, but when I am not actually writing I feel like a fraud and have to read books to remind me what being a writer is all about. But now that I have gathered all the books together and taken a photo, I realise that I have probably gone a bit mad and bought too many.

Jo Franklin's cheer me up books

A selection of cheering books

I think I should work out a way of writing in bed before I drown under all the books! Any suggestions?

6 thoughts on “Cheer up! by Jo Franklin

  1. Get well soon!
    Have you looked at whether you have voice recognition software on you phone that can effectively type for you? Then transfer to Word on laptop once you’re stronger.

    • Actually I always write with a pen. The main issue is needing to be horizontal and I keep falling asleep. But slowly getting better. Thanks for the good wishes.

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