Can I Say it Yet? Please Can I Say it?! I’m Going to Say it … by Ruth Fitzgerald



There. I’ve said it. Now I know there are lots of you shaking your heads, wagging your fingers and tutting, ‘It’s not even December, yet.’ (Although, might I add that I’ll bet everyone doing that is over 25).

I know it’s not actually, officially, properly December but I have an excuse –  this is my last blog before Christmas so if I don’t say it now I’ll miss the whole party!!

Also, I have a November birthday. When your birthday’s over you need something else to look forward to, don’t you? So, Christmas comes at a very convenient time for me. (Though I can see this wouldn’t work so well if you were born in June.)

Also, also, my character, Emily Sparkes is completely mad about Christmas. So much so, that she buys four advent calendars and starts her countdown in September, that way she can always tell her mum and gran how many days there are to go. Not that they ever seem to appreciate her organisational skills. Although, Emily does worry about Christmas a lot. Mostly, because her mum threatens to have a ‘homemade Christmas’ and Emily is very worried about getting a stocking full of flapjack and badly knitted scarves. In fact, in my latest book Emily Sparkes and the Backstage Blunder she makes a list of Christmas worries:

Emily’s List of Things to worry about at Christmas

  • Getting a rubbish part in the school play (very likely)
  • Getting rubbish presents (quite likely)
  • Forgetting someone when you write your class Christmas cards (not very likely because I triple-ish check twelve times and I’m going to write three cards for Zuzanna & Chloe just in case)
  • Trying to open a card from Gross-Out Gavin without actually touching the bit of the envelope he licked
  • Being made to eat a sprout
  • Being made to eat two sprouts

Hmm! Personally I like sprouts and I have a badge to prove it.



To celebrate Christmas and all things Christmassy, Christmas-ish and Christmas-like I will be posting a new, free to download Emily Sparkes Christmas short story on my blog very soon – so pop over and have a look (http://www.ruthfitzgerald.co.uk/). Also, I am celebrating Emily’s love of all things funny by posting a Christmas Advent Calander of 24 Christmas jokes. One every day from December 1st. I can’t promise they’ll be the best jokes ever, but you can take them into school or work and at least try to get everyone in the Christmas spirit!

So I now just need to say  – ‘Have a great time’ – and see you one the other side!



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