Christmas is Coming…Lynn Huggins-Cooper

Are you excited? Once my husband’s birthday has passed, we are ready for Christmas to begin. 1st December, and we are ready to put up decorations.

Christmas traditions are important to us, and one of our traditions is the stories we read at Christmas. Every year, I read ‘A Christmas Carol’ – and I know my brother does too. Our dad did, you see.


When my children were little, I bought them a Christmas book every year. When my grandchildren came along, they became The Keepers of the Collection.  My daughter buys them Christmas books, too. Can you imagine how many Christmas books will be in the collection when *they* buy books for their own children?

Stories bind us together. They stitch together the generations, and are passed down as a reassuring reminder of things past.

What stories are a part of *your* family Christmas?

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