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Oops – and Watership Down – by Emma Barnes

Earlier today I was in the middle of some cooking, and I happened to switch on the radio.  It was some kind of drama.  After a few moments, I recognised it as a dramatisation of Watership Down – one of the best adventure stories I have ever read.  And certainly the best ever featuring rabbits!

I really enjoyed it, and decided to go and dig out my old copy, which looks like this:


Still, I had a feeling something was wrong.  As I wandered around the house, I wondered what it was.  And finally it came to me.  Watership Down…children’s books…oh dear, I had forgotten to write my GirlsHeartBooks post.

Oops!  (As Chloe of Chloe’s Secret Princess Club would say.)

With many apologies for being a bit late, here is my post, and the message of it is – if you haven’t read Watership Down then definitely do so!  Or you might want to listen to the same radio dramatisation that I was listening to today.  The link is here:

Enjoy.  Watership Down is a classic.  And in a way, I’m even glad I forgot to write my original post so I could tell you to go and read this excellent rabbit adventure instead!

Emma Barnes’s most recent book is Chloe’s Secret Princess Club.  Her web-site is at








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