Go For It! Lynn Huggins-Cooper


Do you like writing? Ariah Robertson does. That’s a snippet of her writing above. She won a goody bag as a runner up in last month’s competition – well done! I loved seeing not just the typed up version of her work, but also the hand written first draft – I like them best. It’s where the ideas first meet the page.

In November every year for the last ten years, I have taken part in an activity called NanoWrimo – where writers sit down and write a 50,000 word first draft in a month. It sounds a lot, but it’s not that bad when it is bitten into thirty day-sized chunks.


The really good news is, there is a challenge for young writers, too! NanoWrimo Young Writers Program offers young writers the chance to join in too.


There is lots of free downloadable material to make your writing flow easily – with lots of prompts. Why not join in? Enjoy your writing!




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