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It’s no wonder I write ghost stories…

I love this time of year -Halloween- because it means we get to talk about my favourite type of story, GHOST STORIES.

Most of my books feature some sort of ‘spooky business’ because these were the stories I devoured as a child. Back when I grew up in the Dark Ages, my favourite comic was called ‘Misty’. Yes, I actually still have all these in my parents’ attic. e425e9_7e80c1b3e6bb45c6a42fb92bcbe54242 f69811c0-7071-012f-dc8f-00505694738d70331e00b6d29fe5f7a08bd138dcedb1


My number one TV show was Tales of the Unexpected, on every week and brilliant for strange, twisty, spooky stories that made your scalp prickle. ( and ladies dancing to bizarre music but we won’t go there).


Non- fiction favourites? Why these of course! And yes, I had the whole set.

If like me, you’re a fan of ghost stories which ones would I recommend? That depends on  how much you like to be scared. Here are four brilliant stories that I’ve ranked according to their spookiness (The Woman in Black being the most scary IMO). They’re best read by candlelight.



One thought on “It’s no wonder I write ghost stories…

  1. Oh I love this books! but The woman in black give me creeps. A chilling, traditional ghost story, with a strong Victorian feel: a lone lawyer goes to a spooky house on the marshes, plagued by stories of madness and death. No great surprises, but shocking none-the-less. It is skilfully written, so that most of the scary stuff happens in your head, rather than being explicit on the page.

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