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Want to Start A Secret Club? – Emma Barnes

Who hasn’t wanted to be part of a secret club?


Secret meeting places!



When I was a child, I remember lapping up the adventures of Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven, who used to regularly go out and foil master criminals, in between having meetings in their garden shed.

In my new book 9781407164489.jpg Chloe’s Secret Princess Club three ordinary girls form a club with a very unusual aim – they are determined to be princesses.  And they aren’t going to let real life get in their way!  As you can imagine, it’s not as easy as you would think to turn yourself into a princess, but amongst all the problems they also have a lot of fun, with:




  • secret names (they call themselves Clarinda, Araminta and Elisabetta)
  • secret club badges
  • a secret club notebook.

I’ve been doing some events around the book, mainly with brownie groups, and they have been showing some wonderful imagination in creating their own secret club items.

Brownies getting busy…


decorating heart-shaped notebooks…img_20160921_192438

Decorating badges…(top left hand corner)


…and what every secret club needs – cakes!

To find out more about Emma and her books go to











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