New Ideas, New Beginnings by Faye Bird

Hello! This is my first post for Girls Heart Books and it’s very lovely to have been invited into the fold and be here with my first post today and it feels somehow fitting for this post to be about firsts – about new ideas and new beginnings!

I did lots of different jobs before I became a writer – mainly because I left university with no clue as to what I wanted to do but write stories, and wasn’t brave enough until 5 years ago to actually start properly giving it a go.

But here I am now, sitting at my desk, with two books published, and starting to write my third, and somehow I feel like I am right back at the beginning, learning how to be a writer all over again.




I’m with a new set of characters, a new drama, and with a completely new set of demands for my story, and even though I’ve plotted and I’ve planned and I’m ready to begin, I feel like I’m standing at the bottom of a mountain looking up wondering how I’m going to ever make it to the top without something utterly useful and magical like, well… a pair of wings!




At the beginning of anything you do, there is often excitement, possibility, there is everything to play for. It might be a little nerve-racking too, but when you are forming and moulding an idea into a story anything can happen and that’s part of the excitement of it all.

The desire to express the thing that you want to say in words, in the form of a story, through your characters is a joyful and wonderful thing. I feel very lucky that I get to that and I can call it my job! But I think I’d forgotten that it’s tough too, and as I begin this first draft now for book three I’m remembering how, for me, sometimes the act of getting that first draft down, chapter by chapter, is challenging too.

So this is part of my process. I remember that now! And I like beginnings but I find them hard too. dec06-woman-climbing-mountain


But I think I need a little pep talk whilst I stand here looking up at the peak of the mountain, and these wise words from the author Goethe may well just do the job:

“Courage is the commitment to begin without any commitment to success.”

So here I go… I’m going to start climbing the slopes! I’m just going to begin and try! And while I’m climbing, I’d love to know how you find beginnings too, because they are all around us, in everything we do…


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