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Really Really Sorry…

So today is my day to blog on Girls Heart Books- the 14th of every month, a date by now as engrained in my mind as my own birthday. Which makes it even more embarrassing that I FORGOT.

I could blame editing deadlines- yup, I’m currently on two of those. I might mention spending the last two days travelling to do an event with the brilliant Katherine Rundell in Liverpool. But these are not excuses: these are wonderful, exciting things that are all part of the life of an author. SO GET OVER YOURSELF, CARROLL! You just plain forgot.

Hang on though, there is something else I could blame. Something small and furry with impossibly sharp needle-teeth, who, for a creature so little takes up a massive part of my thinking time right now.

Meet Olive, my new puppy/ distraction. I’m sorry I forgot to blog. Forgive me.


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