Film, Camera, Action! Lynn Huggins-Cooper


I have been very busy lately working on a story project for an environmental education charity. Children from two primary schools wrote stories which I have been illustrating with my felted figures. This month, the felties have been filmed with stop-start animation to create a digital resource for schools and families. I am very excited by the results, and will be sharing them here when they are launched.

The stories are traditional fairy tales and there are giants, trolls, fairies, witches, wise animals, a woodcutter and clever children. Funny how the children are the heroes of each tale!

The stories are amazing, and the children showed a great understanding of how traditional tales ‘work.’ As an author, I was quite envious of their storytelling skills! Watch this space, as I’ll be adding links to the stories, resources and films as soon as I can.

Find out about the story project at Faerierealms


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