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Books, Ballet and A-MAZE-ING Storytelling by Katie Dale


It’s so lovely to be here in my first blog for GHB! I’ve been a fan for a long time, and am so thrilled to have joined now my first middle grade book is about to come out – next month! Exciting! Actually it’s been a very exciting week!

On Saturday I went to see one of my books performed – as a ballet! In a library! The fabulous Balletomane are a self-funded company of volunteer dancers (many of whom have non-dance related careers, from architects to social workers!) who bring ballet to people with limited access to the theatre. They perform in public libraries free of charge, and also offer free workshops in schools to explore story-telling and literacy themes through movement and dance – and this time they brought to life one of my FAIRY TALE TWISTS books, THE THREE MAGIC MICE!


The ballerina narrator finds a book – The Three Magic Mice!


But as she falls asleep, the characters come to life!


The 3 Blind Mice have fun with Cinderella!


Then the Fairy Godmother turns them into men so they can take Cinders to the ball!


But the cheeky brothers run away so they don’t have to change back to mice – then turn into 3 Billy Goats!


They flee from a nasty troll…


And become pigs instead!


But there always seems to be someone after them: a troll, a wolf…


Even Goldilocks! Will the brothers ever get their happily ever after? Come and see the ballet to find out…

Three Magic Mice

Or read the book!

The ballerinas are beautiful, elegant, fabulous, and super-brave (I’ve lost count of how many injured feet I’ve seen backstage – ouch!) and I was completely blown away by their performance and so honoured that they chose one of my books. It really was just magical watching the characters come to life – do let me know in the comments below if you’d like them to perform at a library near you or come to your school!

Then yesterday I was invited to an A-MAZE-ING Storytelling event as part of the Linton Book Fest. Wonderful children’s authors Helen Moss, Yasmin Finch, Janet Bingham and I snuck in early to explore the beautiful gardens, lake and MAZE! A proper “Alice in Wonderland” style hedge maze!


It was very complicated (and there was even a lion in the very middle – eek!) and we got a bit lost, and only just made it out in time to tell our stories!

lost in the maze

What do you call 4 authors lost in a maze? Answers on a postcard!

Helen read from her fantastic Adventure Island series, Janet shared her beautiful picture books DADDY’S LITTLE STAR and THE BEST PRESENT, I read another FAIRY TALE TWIST book, then it was the super-duper very-special world premiere performance of Yasmin Finch’s MR MUSTACHIO – complete with builder outfit and mustaches  on sticks!


It was a wonderful afternoon, and there are many more fantastic free book events this weekend in Linton – do pop by if you can! More info here:


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