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What I read on my holidays

I have two favourite summer activities: swimming here…2015-08-22 19.07.19

And reading here… (This isn’t the actual balcony I read on, but my one also has a lovely view, even though the sea is a lot further away for me!)

file0001390509600This summer I took a large selection of books with me to Italy, thanks to my trusty e-book reader. I also bought and read many more while I was away – again, thanks to ease of buying digital books even when there are no bookshops around.

Some of my reading highlights include…

First Class Murder

The entire series (so far) of Wells & Wong mysteries by Robin Stevens. I particularly enjoyed travelling on the Orient Express in First Class Murder.

Secrets of Sam and Sam

The Secrets of Sam and Sam by Susie Day. This was every bit as thrilling and fabulous as I expected it to be, and I highly recommend it to fans of the Pea’s Book series, or anyone at all who enjoys great books! Sam and Sam are 11-year-old twins with very different challenges to face.

I also read some fiction for adults, though (strangely?!) two of my favourites were written by authors who have also written amazing books for young people: Judy Blume’s In the Unlikely Event, and Penelope Farmer’s Goodnight Ophelia. (Penelope Farmer is the author of Charlotte Sometimes.)

Charlotte Sometimes

And in non-fiction, I read a few of the New Scientist books that answer all kinds of fascinating questions, including “Why Don’t Penguins’ Feet Freeze?


What did you read this summer?


Photo credit: balcony/sea pic by Gimrie at Morguefile

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