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When Sarah Met Judi

I can’t remember when I first met Judi Curtin. It was almost certainly at a book event. It could have been a festival or a launch or a reading drive. I knew her writing of course, I’d read and enjoyed her first book, Alice Next Door when I was a children’s bookseller and I’ve loved every book since. She has a way of drawing the reader in and a lovely warmth to her writing, and her characters are so real they almost jump off the page.

But I can pinpoint when we started to become not just fellow writers, but proper friends. A few years ago myself, Judi and Sophia Bennett went on tour together around Ireland with Children’s Books Ireland. We talked to hundreds of girls about our books and about reading and writing. We had a wonderful tour manager, Tom Donegan, who now works in The Story Museum in Oxford who arranged the events and drove us around the country.Judi Curtin

Here’s Judi

Every evening we had dinner together. We chatted about all kinds of things – books, writing and our lives – and it was terrific fun.

Then I went on another tour with Judi, this time with the Irish library service. We took Oisin McGann along with us to join in the fun. And he even did ballet with us! That cemented my friendship with Judi (and Oisin in fact, who is a brilliant man and a wonderful writer).

Judi and I are very different – she’s practical, patient and kind. I’m impulsive, passionate and stubborn. She’s calm and I can be a bit manic at times. It’s great to be able to compare writing and publishing experiences with her. We both write for girls of age 8/9+ and love talking about our work.

Judi has helped me more than she knows and I like to think that I have helped her too. Myself and Oisin even helped her pick a title for one of her books – Viva Alice!

viva alice - judi curtin event book cover


Judi made me this little fellow – Greg from the Wimpy Kid books – as she knows I like him. When I go to school events, I love showing him to the children and telling them that Judi made it. They are always very impressed that I know Judi.


This year Judi and I are doing some special events together at festivals, talking about our friendship. The first one is on Saturday March 21st and is called When Judi Met Sarah and it’s part of the Mountains to Sea Book Festival in Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin, Ireland. If you would like to book tickets you can do so on the website here.

March is a busy time for me as I also have a new book out called Mollie Cinnamon is Not a Cupcake in The Songbird Cafe Girls series. It’s set on an island called Little Bird and it even has its own map. I love maps in books! Judi knows all about the characters and plot at this stage and she also helped me with the cover.Songbird Cafe_Mollie final cover

Writer friends really are great. If you’re a writer (of any age), do you have writer friends? I’d love to hear about them.

Yours in writing,

Sarah XXX

6 thoughts on “When Sarah Met Judi

  1. That’s a lovely post, Sarah. (I’m blushing as I type.) I do remember our first meeting. Even though we were strangers, you kindly invited me to an author dinner you were arranging. When I arrived, (knowing no-one) I asked a waitress where you were and she pointed to this whirlwind who was rushing around, organising everyone. As you describe, we have since become the best of friends, and because you know EVERYTHING about publishing, you are also my go-to person when I need advice and support. Thanks for your endless generosity, and here’s to many more book tours!

  2. My writer-friends are ALL in Girls Heart Books Towers, and some on Twitter, and email. 😀

    I’m SO lucky to have such supportive writers who I can ask things to and they always tell me the truth and be kind to me. Keris Station, Luisa Plaja who were my first followers on Twitter, Linda Chapman for Fab letters and emails since 2004, Julie Sykes and Jo Cottrell for allowing me to come on this site, since I’m 24, 25 TOMORROW! YAY!!!). Thanks for always being there for me, and keeping me going in my belief in writing my stories. ❤ (This is a LONG comment, sorry..)

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