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Wake Up Dancing!

Hi y’all!


OK, so, last month I told you that I was starting 2015 with the intention of doing more fun things that made me feel good right now in the moment. Well, one of those was joining a Five Rhythms dance group, which is where you just go wild and do whatever dancing you feel to different types of rhythms. So… I am reporting back to you that it was AMAZING!!! Yes, I did slightly do in my muscles from over-enthusiasm and had to cover myself in Deep Heat, but at least I did not clank myself in the eye with my own knee as I’d expected!

Rather than talking too much about my experience I thought I would just say, hey, LET’S DANCE! Make a moment today to find a fave tune and dance like no-one’s watching, letting your body move just the way it wants to. You might end up in fits of giggles, but that’s a good thing too!

Here is my fave dancing track  for you too – I’ve been playing this every morning and having a dance around – it really gets the day off to a good start! Please do post your fave ones in the comments, too!

Happy dancing!


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