How do you Christmas?

Happy Holidays everybody,

Photo on 21-12-2014 at 17.20Hope you’re all having a marvellous time, snuggling by the fire and reading Girls Heart Christmas on your traditional yuletide iPads or Kindles. I’m trying to edit a book by a roaring fire, while a small person (not my small person, one I am borrowing) watches squeaky pirates interacting with squeaky chefs. There is slime involved. I am suspicious.

I thought that I’d let ye know a few of my Christmas traditions. I like making hot drinks and once tried to mull seven up, which did not go well. It looked a little brown. I like wrapping my presents in newspaper. Because it gets thrown out anyway, and I like the look of newsprint and red ribbon.

I like to go to Christmas markets and look at the lights and walk around wishing for snow. This is not a thing unique to me. I think everyone wants snow at Christmas. Even people who hate snow accept that white christmases are pretty. One christmas there was a fox, bright as a copper coin, playing in the soft snow on the garden and it was one of the prettiest, most magical things I have ever seen.

I like to knit things for people. I have knitted my boyfriend a scarf for every year we’ve been together. He now has seven scarves, which is too much scarf for any one man, so I’ve knitted something else this year. A surprise. I knitted a blanket for my friend’s baby, who is coming into the world in a little while. I’m looking forward to meeting him or her. I’m also knitting some gloves for a friend of mine, I can’t do fingers so they’re fingerless.

My favourite christmas tradition is Christmas Eve Eve. Every year, since we were teenagers, my friends and I meet up and eat things and drink things and chat about everything. It’s a big hug of an evening and it’s lovely to exchange gifts and eat potato-based foods. We’ve kept Christmas Eve Eve for over a decade and even if one of us can’t make it, you can be sure we’re thinking about each other on the 23rd, even if we’re far from home.

Do you keep any personal Christmas Traditions?


4 thoughts on “How do you Christmas?

  1. We always watch the film Elf on DVD on Christmas Eve and we all have stockings with our names stitched onto them. We also have a rule that still exists from those years me and my sister actually wanted to get up early, which means that we cannot even consider coming out of our rooms to wake mum up until 10 o clock 😀

  2. Personally, I don’t like the film Elf. Not sure why, but different people like different things. 🙂 I LOVE watching Beauty and the Beast, Enchanted Christmas and the film, and The Santa Clause with Tim Allen in it every year. 🙂

    Hope you have a GREAT Christmas! 😀

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