It’s nearly Christmas

A while back I was in Florida for a writing holiday. I love going there because the weather is hot, the beaches are brilliant and I spend some of the time writing. Last week I read my next book, The Milkshake Detectives, in its finished form. That is always an exciting thing to do. Next time I see the words they will be in a book with a cover. I am already thinking about what to write next and while we were away I wrote a plan on post-it notes and moved them around until I was beginning to be happy with the plot. Planning is such an important part of writing.

We have lots of good friends in Florida. A while back I visited one of them called Brad who’s at university. He and I decided to walk round his university campus with a roller blade on a lead. I love doing daft things like that!

I expect I will do some daft things at Christmas as well. Our family will get together and we’ll do lots of laughing and eating and present opening and we’ll go to the carol concert at the church we go to. They serve hot dogs and Christmas cake afterwards and no doubt it will be cold and I will wish I was in Florida where the weather will be warm in the morning and hot at lunchtime.

But if you are on holiday from school and not sure what to do one day – have a go at writing a story. It’s a great thing to do…

Happy Christmas!


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