Girls Heart Cover Art

Jo and I are at our new publishers today discussing the illustrations for our joint project, ELECTRIGIRL. We shall no doubt be posting updates as the book nears completion. (So exciting!)

Anyway, I thought you might like to see some artwork from another joint project, a joint project between 10 GHB authors… and me! I think you can guess which project I’m talking about.

Here is the first doodle I did when Jo sent the brief…


Then I redrew the two girl characters and gave them cooler outfits…

Better outfits and nicer hair

Better outfits and nicer hair

Jo asked for hand-drawn lettering so I did that next, though in the final artwork I made the title white instead of black…


The final task was drawing ten items to represent each of the ten stories and then fit them all into the picture! Eventually, after so moving and re-sizing and frowning, I managed it and this was the result:

Girls Heart Cover AWWhat do you think? If you had to design a front cover, how would you go about it?

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