My vegetable bouquet

Wedding - bouquet

I was around ten years old when I declared that I would only get married if two conditions were met

  1. I could get married in Westminster Abbey
  2. I had a bouquet made out of vegetables.

Many years later when Frugal Boyfriend and I decided to get married I realised that unless there was something he hadn’t told me and he was really Prince Frugal or Lord Spendthrift there would be no Westminster Abbey for me.

But the vegetable bouquet was still possible, wasn’t it? The more I thought about it the more I wanted it. Fortunately I found a florist who liked the idea too.

Then there was the small matter of the table decorations. Couldn’t they be vegetables too? I love the colour of aubergines. The florist sneaked in a couple of cabbage roses and some sweet peas as well.

Wedding - bouquet2

On the day, my bouquet contained cauliflower and broccoli  which was a bit heavy to carry but apart from that I loved it.

And when we returned from our honeymoon there was Wedding Soup waiting for us in the freezer.

So be warned when you are making some outlandish pronouncement aged ten years or over. You may have to carry it out one day!

7 thoughts on “My vegetable bouquet

  1. Yay! LOVE the veg bouquet. If it had been me, I’d have had a sprout in there. As for my childhood pronouncements, I vowed never to get married, to always live in Scotland and to be an artist. Naturally, I’m a writer living in north London with my husband. Tom and I eloped to San Francisco to get married, and my bouquet was a hastily bought bunch of giant daisy-style flowers that smelled of wee. Sniffing the scent of ammonia was quite a useful way to try and stop myself from crying! *I still cried*

    • Hi Karen. I couldn’t get hold of a sprout (not even an evil one!) in June. Eloping to San Francisco – your ten year old self would have sent you to Gretna Green

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