How to draw…

…a girl who hearts books.

Start with a pencil.

1. Draw a circle on a stick (near the top of the page or you might run out of space).

how to 1

Balance it on a box, slightly squashed. Balance that on two longer sticks, at an angle.

2. Draw two triangles on the side of the circle, saggy ones that point down, like a parrot’s beak. Add a small rectangle on top of the box then 5 ellipses (egg shapes), a big one hanging from the top of the box, two small ones half way down the long sticks and 2 medium-sized pointing up from the stick ends.

how to 2

3. Now you can start adding detail – a sticky-up fringe, plaits, ears, nose and a huge smile. Rest two arms in the big ellipse and give them two square-ish hand shapes. Make banana shapes from the box to the knees and then more bananas from the knees to the ankles. Nearly there…

4. Now give her some fingers, lots of books, a pair of shorts and boots. Actually, you could design your own outfit.

how to finished

5. Now it’s time to switch from pencil to pen. ‘Ink in’ the outlines of your drawing… …then colour it with pens, pencils or paint. Don’t forget to add the titles of her favourite books. Ta da!


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