I love reading, I love libraries.

I’m writing this blog in the library, volunteering for the Summer Reading Challenge, and really enjoying myself.

It’s raining right now, so I get the fantastic sound of heavy rain beating on the glass roof high above my head, and I’m watching people loitering in the foyer wondering if they can run anywhere without getting soaked.  They can’t – it’s  much too wet.

Two boys are arm wrestling on the floor.

A three year old is singing Incy Wincy Spider and watching the gutters gush over the car park outside.

The boy who told me how much he enjoyed reading a book about improving your skills as a fielder in Cricket has just made a dash for the bus shelter.

The girl who told me her entire life story has found 12 books to take home with her.

And, until the rain stops and masses of families come in with their piles of recently read books, I’m going to read.  I’ve started two books while sitting here, and taken them both home to finish.  I would never have read either of them if I hadn’t been wandering around the shelves on my previous sessions. Today, I’ll look for a third, but to be honest – I’m spoiled for choice – should it be from the 9-12s? The teenage section? or Fantasy and Sci Fi?

Whatever I choose I’ll sit here to get right into it.  Here in the middle of the library, in a very comfortable chair, just the right temperature, with no phone to distract me, and with that wonderful sound of rain on the roof.

I love reading.


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