Do you dream of flying?

IMG_3004-0.JPGI’m writing a book about birds. Not a factual book, you know some sort of David Attenborough seriously researched natural history thing, but a silly story where some of the characters just happen to be birds. Crows and ravens and sparrows (plus a spoilt rat and a bookish vampire bat) who wear clothes and listen to (mostly heavy metal) music and bunk off school and tell jokes and worry about exams. Actually, it’s a very silly story with a dash of scary and I’m having a great time writing it.
The coolest thing about this book though is that some of my characters have wings. They can fly. If they are threatened by a hungry dog or are about to get squished by a lorry they can just flap their wings and fly away. How awesome is that?!
I used to have flying dreams when I was younger. They were amazing. In my dreams I didn’t fly by flapping my arms but by leaping up and then kicking my legs. Like swimming. When I went to the local pool for a weekly swimming lesson, I’d spent as much time as I could underwater, kicking my legs and pretending to fly. It was great, almost like my dreams.
Did you ever have a flying dream? If so, did you have wings or did you leap and kick like me? Perhaps you had a more impressive technique. Or grew some actual wings!
Gotta go. My character is in jeopardy. He’s being stalked by three savage… KITTENS!

5 thoughts on “Do you dream of flying?

  1. When I was younger, like, 15, I used to dream I turned into a Stardust Spirit at night, like in Linda Chapman’s books! And I had a friend who did the same. We’d met up every night to go to places and help out animals that were sick and injured. 🙂

    In the day, we were witches, like in Jill Murphy’s books and we had brooms!! 😀

  2. Sounds great, Cathy. 😀 Wish I had wings and could just fly away wherever I wanted. When I was younger, I flapped my arms and RAN 😀 feeling the wind as I ran. I would love to have a flying experience! xx

    • Running, yeah! I seem to remember having a fondness for running with my arms stretched out at night during my teens. What was that about? I suppose there is something quite exhilarating about running in the dark. And hunting for glow worms in the dark too. But that’s another story. X

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